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" Web Gems " - Jewelry Days reviews of the best gem & Jewelry online resources.

GIA : Gemological Institute Of America. The world's formost authority in gemology. Recognizing the need for America's nascent jewelry industry to adopt professional standards of training and business practice. A place in which knowledge would be discovered, imparted, and applied, to strengthen the trade and to serve the greater good of the public. : Information relevant to mineral collectors, with lots of links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites. The Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, 'Mineralogische Kring Antwerpen', was found in 1963 by a small group of mineralogy enthousiasts and has since grown to an active club with over 400 members. Amateur mineral collectors, students as well as professional mineralogists, all with the same joint interests in minerals. : Dedicated to the study of gemology for professional gemologists and consumers alike. Quick reference guide for jewelry and gemological work. Offering online diamond course & quality gemological reference and study materials to everyone at no cost. The most complete free access gemological reference site. : Information for the business community, scientists and jewellery professionals, on the World Gold Council and gold knowledge & for those with an interest in gold fashion and jewelery. Information on gold as a reserve asset, including statistics, and its monetary role. Gold related web links from around the internet, hand picked and updated constantly.

American Museum of Natural History, Diamonds : "The Nature Of DIAMONDS" To learn A to Z about diamonds. What is diamonds? origin, history, mining & distribution, industry & technology, gems and jewelry, composition, structure, statistics etc. etc..

How to buy jewelry :  Buying jewelry can be fun, exciting and confusing. Whether you're considering a gift of jewelry for someone special or as a treat for yourself, take some time to learn the terms used in the industry. Here's some information to help you get the best quality jewelry for your money, whether you're shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store by catalog or online.

Sue Vematsu Gemstone World : This site is not intended for commercial purposes. Broaden your knowledge of gems and increase your opportunities to enjoy them. "How wonderful it is to create something beautiful and to present it to other people." please visit this site and ENJOY

All About Jewels:  Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry. Find jewelry term you are looking for in this dictionary. Click on an underlined word for more information on that subject.  The best educational material, emphasizing creativity and the pure enjoyment of learning.

De Beers : De Beers LV is an independently managed and operated company established in 2001 by De Beers SA, the world's premier diamond mining and marketing company, and LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, the world's leading luxury goods company.

EGL Diamond Consumer Guide : European Gemological Laboratory's educational guide for diamond propotion analysis, diamond anatomy, shapes, cut, clarity and color chart.

The Argyle Diamond Mine : In 1979, in a remote corner of north-west Australia, the first inkling of the largest diamond mine in the world became known. The Argyle Diamond Mine. Light Champagne, subtle and mysterious. Deep rich cognacs and all the shades in between making a palette of colors that has inspired remarkable jewelry unlike any designs ever seen before.

The American Society of Appraisers: ASA is committed to fostering professional excellence in its membership through education, accreditation, publication and other services. You can locate an accredited ASA appraiser by using this search engine. All of the appraisers listed on these pages have met the requirements from the American Society of Appraisers

International Colored Gemstone Association: ICA is a non-profit association which was founded in 1983 to represent the international gemstone industry. The ICA is the first and only organization working to increase the understanding, appreciation, and sales of colored gemstones worldwide. There are more than 30 popular gem varieties and many more rare collector gemstones.

Add More Color To Your Life -AGTA : Interactive resource for people interested in learning more about natural colored gemstones, cultured pearls and designer jewelry. The site delivers information about gemstone jewelry fashion, celebrity-based trends, practical buying tips, gemstone profiles, enhancement information and gem care, general AGTA and AGTA Gemological Testing Center information.

Diamond Design : A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in a Diamond by Marcel Tolkowsky, B.Sc., A.C.G.I. with 37 illustrations. This information and software are for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of services from a professional appraiser. The first edition was published in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Journey Of The Diamond : Diamonds, created by nature deep in our planet, carried by distinctive volcanic eruptions to the earth's surface, hidden for hundreds of millions of years until discovered by geologists and recovered using the most advanced technology known, are cut and polished - Liberating a beauty reflecting love and romance - then set in precious jewelry - compeiting a journey of discovery...

Diamonds At NATURE® : An encyclopedic look at the oldest, hardest natural substance in the world -- diamonds -- from their beginnings in the core of the earth, through mining and acquisition, to the history of the most famous of these extraordinary gems. Diamond formation, A Diamond's deep history. Dominating Diamonds The world's largest diamonds, The hunt for diamonds in the Arctic.

Wikipedia : Encyclopedia for Diamond - Gemstone & Jewelry. The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing free knowledge to every person in the world.

"Imagine a world in which every person has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing."

Official ROLEX Website : Hans Wilsdorf founded the company we now know as ROLEX in 1905. Born in Kulmbach, Germany in 1881, the company, Wilsdorf & Davies, was based in London. By 1908 it had become one of the leading watch companies in the UK. It was in this year that he coined the name ROLEX. : Buying Jewelry? Here are 10 tips on choosing a gem of a jewel. Jewelry is a tricky buy, especially if you can’t tell a carat from a karat. Jewelry is very proud to announce that we are one of the companies selected by Consumer Web Watch, a part of Consumer's Union which publishes Consumer Reports.

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